Gilan to Complete Unfinished Projects

Gilan to Complete Unfinished Projects
Gilan to Complete Unfinished Projects

Unfinished tourism projects in Gilan Province are the missing link in development of the region’s tourism, according to the head of the provincial office of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Reza Alizadeh.

Speaking to ISNA, the official pointed to the province’s incomplete projects and said, “The ICHHTO is committed to completing these projects.” During President Rouhani’s recent visit to Gilan, the issue of the unfinished projects was discussed, and the president urged the officials to work towards completing the projects.

To that end, a council of experts will soon be formed to finish the projects, Alizadeh asserted.

“The council will comprise savvy and experienced individuals”.

Due to a lack of 4- and 5-star hotels in the area, completing unfinished hotel projects is the organization’s top priority.

Alizadeh expressed his disappointment with the lack of funding and said that the region has received no support from the National Development Fund of Iran.

“We have asked for a 1400-billion-rial ($42 million) budget, but we haven’t received anything yet.”

Developing the tourism industry is one way to compensate for the loss of oil revenue, not to mention the number of jobs it can create, he noted.

“The services we offer in the province need to aspire to international standards, to encourage more people to visit the region, and persuade them to stay longer.”

Gilan’s only path towards a better future is investment in the region’s tourism industry, he asserted.