Einodoleh Building to Serve as Museum

Einodoleh Building to Serve as MuseumEinodoleh Building to Serve as Museum

The historic Einodoleh Building in Tehran has become a museum for sculptures on a temporary basis, according to the head of Organization for Tehran Beautification (OTB) Jamal Kamyab.

“Einodoleh Building will serve as a site for housing sculptures for the time being, until a permanent location is found,” Kamyab said, according to Mehr news agency.

Since the OTB is involved with various sculpting projects around the city, it only seemed right to establish a museum to host the works of art, he said.

“Some of the most prominent sculptors in the city had been calling for an establishment to properly showcase their works.”

The building is now the first sculpture museum in Tehran. “When the number of sculptures increases, we will move the museum to a bigger location.”

According to Kamyab, officials have already started looking for another location.

“We, along with some of the most renowned sculptors of the country have formed a council tasked with finding an appropriate location that meets our standards.”

The museum is not exclusive to works of Tehrani sculptors; artists across the country can also display their work.

The venue currently hosts 90 sculptures, and the OTB is searching for other sculptures to add to the museum.