Passenger Rights in Domestic Flights

Passenger Rights in Domestic FlightsPassenger Rights in Domestic Flights

The minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhundi approved a new passenger’s rule book after it was ratified by the Supreme Council of Civil Aviation Organization, Mehr news reported.

According to the rulebook, in case a flight is delayed or canceled due to weather conditions or safety considerations, the airline will be obliged to reimburse the passengers while still offering hospitality services.

If a flight is cancelled, at least one week prior to date of departure, the company has to pay back the entire ticket fee in full; and if cancellation takes place between six days and 24 hours prior to flight, the company shall be obliged to compensate and offer another ticket with the same route and class, with a 30% discount.

If cancellation happens 24 hours prior to flight time, the airline will refund the passengers and reissue new tickets at half price, similar in route and class.

Representatives of the airline are obliged to meet with passengers in person and announce the delay with due respect.

If flight delay is between one and two hours, the airline must provide passengers with first-class services, as long as it does not cause further delay.

For delays of over two hours and less than four hours, high quality service must be offered. Within limits of airport facilities, means of telephone communication shall be provided. In case passengers decide to change their flights or airline, the delaying airline will be responsible for coordination with the available flights or with other airlines, while entire ticket fee must be returned if passengers decide to cancel their tickets.

On the issued tickets, airline companies and travel agencies are obliged to specify complete information including regulations and conditions of cancellation, end price, base price, tax, extra expenses, name of transporting company, and other information passengers may need.