Tourism Projects in Urmia

Tourism Projects in Urmia
Tourism Projects in Urmia

To revive and expand tourism around Lake Urmia, addressing the water crisis and gradual shrinking of the saltwater lake is in need of dire attention and necessitates a close collaboration between responsible organizations and the public.

The issue was emphasized in a meeting to discuss the start and launch of tourism projects in Chi Chest Village on the coasts of Lake Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province. Officials from the provincial Department of Environment (DoE), provincial Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), ministry of sport and youth, the Organization for Nomadic Affairs (ONA), and the municipality of Urmia attended the meeting, CHTN reported.

Chi Chest, which is an exemplary tourist hub, is a proper place for piloting tourism projects relating to the revival and saving of Lake Urmia. Launching such projects in Chi Chest is also stressed on by the governorate of West Azerbaijan, said director general of the provincial ICHHTO, Jalil Jabari.

Chi Chest is a coastal village that has been transformed into a tourist hub. Last summer (September 2014) a campsite was established in the village to further facilitate travelers’ stay in the region, covering an area of 7,500 sq meters and containing 25 suites.

Short-term events, such as festivals and exhibitions along with long-term programs, including mud therapy  throughout the year are among some of the features to be added to the current services offered to tourists.

Other programs include establishment of Lake Urmia Anthropology Museum, festivals on traditional local cuisine and music, and handicrafts and souvenirs of the region.