Banknote Reflects Dedication to National Treasures

Banknote Reflects Dedication to National TreasuresBanknote Reflects Dedication to National Treasures

Depiction of Abarkooh’s Aghazadeh House on the reverse of the new 20,000-Rial banknote is a nod to the government’s dedication to the preservation of Iran’s cultural and historical heritage, ISNA reported.

The wind tower of the historic monument - still a mystery for many - is highlighted on the bill, Central Bank of Iran’s secretary general Seyed Mahmud Ahmadi said.

Aghazadeh House and its wind tower date back to the Qajar era. The house is located in the Darvazeh neighborhood by Abarghu Square. On February 12, 1997 it was registered on the National Heritage List.

The 820-sq meter house belonged to Seyed Hossein Abarghuee, a wealthy resident of Abarkooh, Yazd Province. The southern room is built in the shape of a cross, and there is a large stone pond in the center of the courtyard. The mansion has three separate facades, enabling residents to move to different parts of the mansion in various times of the year.

The wind tower of Aghazadeh House is among the very first towers of its kind in Iran and elsewhere. It is 18 meters high, covering an area of 18 sq meters. There are 19 adjustable vents at the inlet, functioning in harmony with the second wind tower of the house.

A prominent feature of the structure’s wind tower is their ability to circulate air even when there is no wind.

The depiction of Aghazadeh House on the 20,000-rial bill succeeds the illustration of Naghsh-e Jahan Square - a World Heritage Site which is also located in Isfahan.