People Should Help Save Historical Monuments

People Should Help Save Historical MonumentsPeople Should Help Save Historical Monuments

The key to best preserve a historic place is to encourage people’s participation in safeguarding them, says an architecture expert in Golestan Province, Meghdad Alavi.

On how individuals can take part in preserving historical monuments and buildings, he explained, “Creating a situation in which the monument turns from a mere historical venue to an economically profitable site is the only way to conserve these national treasures,” Mehr News agency quoted him as saying.

Emphasizing the fact that the current budget does not suffice to purchase, renovate, and preserve all historical heritage sites, the academic added that raising awareness towards the value of such properties can also help further attract investment in this regard.

“The general public as well as the structures’ owners need to be apprised of the monuments’ importance.”

The array of valuable historical sites in Iran, particularly Gloestan Province, makes it a hassle for the government to monitor and evaluate them. All these sites are potential tourist attractions and using the public and private sector assistance in safeguarding national heritage is essential.

The expert stressed that inscribing a site as national heritage would only protect it legally so any unauthorized interference or possession could be stopped by the force of law. However, it does not protect them from being damaged, or at times destroyed.

It is even preferred that some of these sites are not inscribed as it is the beginning of a legal procedure which meddles with Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) programs to safeguard and/or renovate the places, he asserted.

Meghdadi called for a strategy so the owners of the sites gain more profit, stating that it is a routine in many countries to save the national heritage from destruction. The owners need to realize the high value of their properties to step up their attempts to preserve them.