Free Visits to Military Museum

Free Visits to Military MuseumFree Visits to Military Museum

To mark National Military Day on April 18, visits to Sa’adabad Military Museum will be free of charge, ISNA news agency reported. Every year, the sacrifices of those who lost their lives defending Iran during the 8-year Iran-Iraq military conflict are remembered and commemorated. The museum, which is part of the Sa’dabad Palace Complex, opened in September 22, 1983. Firearms, cold weapons, armor, banners, and medals, among others, are on display. Interested visitors are also apprised of the military history of Iran. Sa’dabad Palace is located in Shemiranat County in north Tehran, covering about 300 hectares. After the Islamic Revolution, the complex became a museum and some sections are used by the Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicraft, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) which is responsible for curating the majority of historical artifacts in Iran.  The current presidential palace is located adjacent to the compound.