TDC to Complete Unfinished Projects

TDC to Complete Unfinished ProjectsTDC to Complete Unfinished Projects

The Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) is determined to complete unfinished projects in the near future, IRNA news agency quoted the company CEO as saying.

Calling tourism a green industry, Gholamhossein Hosseini also urged the government to back the booming industry, IRNA reported.

“Currently, there are 15 provincial tourism development companies active, but they require government support in order to succeed,” he said.

According to Hosseini, developing the tourism industry will help pull Iran out of its economic morass.

“Investing in tourism results in creation of jobs which in turn will improve Iran’s economic situation,” he said, “tourism is based on resistive economy.”

Due to being sold off in 2011, the TDC had suspended all operations, but thanks to the efforts of vice president Masud Soltanifar the TDC was restored in 2013, allowing the company to resume its activities, IRNA quoted Hosseini as saying.

He took stock of the TDC’s unfinished projects, stressing that completing those projects is on the agenda.

“A 4-star and a 5-star hotel whose construction had halted will be completed within the next 3 months.”

Hosseini also announced that the historical Bistoon Hotel in Kermanshah Province will begin operation in summer.