Sustainable Outlook

Sustainable OutlookSustainable Outlook

A tourism holding company has been recently established in Tehran municipality. Adopting environmentally friendly policies and approaches, Iran tourism industry seeks to take serious steps in developing a robust infrastructure using sustainable approaches.  The holding of which the AbbasAbad Renovation Company is a member, is committed to reaching these aims, according to the socio-cultural deputy of the company, Mohammad Hossein Hejazi, Mehr News reported. The announcement was made during a ceremony last week, where 100 new trees were planted in the AbbasAbad cultural and tourism area in Tehran by press and media, photographers, university students and Tourism instructors. Entitled a cultural, environmental, and touristic area, AbbasAbad, covering an area of about 560 hectares, is a large north-central neighborhood of Tehran. So far 80,000 trees have been planted to meet its environmental priorities. National Library and Archive of Iran, Taleqani Park, Ab-o-Atash Park (Fire and Water Park), and Tabi’at (Nature) Bridge linking the two parks are among the major urban projects in this region.