Millennia-Old Cave Open to Tourists

Millennia-Old Cave Open  to TouristsMillennia-Old Cave Open  to Tourists

The 12,000-Year-Old Mirmalas cave will be open to domestic and international visitors of Lorestan Province in time during Nowruz holidays said the director general of Lorestan provincial office of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), Abdol-reza Mohajerinejad. Necessary measures to safeguard the cave’s pre-historic heritage have been carried out, he asserted. Mirmalas, 30 kilometers from Kuhdasht county, Lorestan Province, has a number of world renowned colored cave paintings (also known as rock art) similar to those in Lascaux Caves, France. The drawings on the limestone walls of northern and southern parts of the caves depict hunting and hunting animals including human beings, animals tools and horseman or on foot hunters with arc and arrow, horse riding and on foot men in fighting, sword, arc and arrow, goat, fawn, dog, and some unknown and unclear drawings. Experts estimate that the drawings are from 10th millennia BC which makes them over 12,000 years old.