5,000 Bonab Kebabs per Day

5,000 Bonab Kebabs per Day

Nearly 5,000 ‘Bonab-style’ kebabs are ordered each day in Bonab city, East Azerbaijan Province, Mehr News quoted governor of Bonab Valiollah Farajollahi as saying. There are 230 kebab restaurants currently active in Bonab city. Most of their customers are tourists and travelers. Farajollahi referred to popularity of the Bonab specialty throughout the country, and spoke of a national festival on the county’s special kebab, to be held in the coming Iranian calendar year, starting March 2015. Development and improvement of the kebab making trade is among the priorities of the county’s tourism, for the dish is thought to lure many more tourists, he said, and asserted that Bonab is the capital of the genuine Persian kebab. For the information of those deprived of the Bonab kebab experience, the dish is an extra large minced lamb meat, bursting with lots of fragrant onion and doused with fat.


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