3D Tour of Iran

3D Tour of Iran3D Tour of Iran

An Iranian company has developed a system through which people can have a 3D tour of Iran’s attractions. Agira, the Iranian science-based company, purchased virtual reality goggles from Oculus, a US company. Iranian technicians at Agira successfully developed compatible software that provides the experience of a virtual tour of Iran’s historical, natural, and tourist destinations, CHN reported. The 6-member team in Agira worked on the system called “Siroo” for seven months following a two-year research on virtual reality. The name siroo (meaning travel in Arabic) is taken from a verse in holy Qur’an which reads: “Say, Travel through the land” (An’am, 11). Siroo was exhibited in the fifth exhibition of ‘From Theory to Practice’, February 21 to 24, which showcased the latest achievement s and productions of Iranian scientists in various technological fields.  It won recognition as the best designed product in the exhibition. Siroo is to be installed as Iran virtual tour showrooms at different locations in Iran and around the world such as China and Turkey.