Rulebook for Eco-Lodges

Rulebook for Eco-LodgesRulebook for Eco-Lodges

A protocol of rules and regulations has been drawn up on development and running of eco-lodges on the approval of the head of ICHHTO (Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization) Masud Soltanifar, said the secretary of eco-tourism national committee, Mohammad-Ali Fayazi, CHN reported. The rulebook obliges eco-lodges to adhere to environmental standards and conform to local architecture, historical texture, and natural scenery. The regulations are aimed at preserving traditions, promoting local goods, and introducing new destinations and attractions. All eco-lodges should follow certain procedures in managing and recycling waste. They should also put their wastewaters to the best possible use. In no way should eco-lodges contribute to damaging the environment. They should have defined plans in economical use of water. Lighting and air conditioning systems should be energy efficient. The rulebook explains the conditions required for establishing eco-lodges and includes permit extensions. Around 33 eco-lodges have been established throughout the country, including 22 in Isfahan Province.