World Needs Better Insight Into Iran’s Heritage, History

World Needs Better Insight Into Iran’s Heritage, HistoryWorld Needs Better Insight Into Iran’s Heritage, History

The 8th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (TITE) opened to the public and media with an official ceremony on February 12, at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground. The event has been organized by Tehran International Trading & Exhibition Corporation (TITEX) and supported by Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts & Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), Iran Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), and Iran International Exhibitions Company (IIEC), and will run until Feb 15.    

Secretary-General of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Taleb D. Rifai, in his opening address said: “It is always a pleasure to be in Iran.” Iran has great potential and such unique attractions, so much of which is yet to be discovered.  Through effective advertisement Iran can become an excellent tourism destination.  As one of the greatest civilizations, the world needs a better insight into Iran’s rich cultural heritage and history.

The 8th Tehran Int’l Tourism Exhibition, according to Rifai “is an indication of the government’s resolve to prioritize tourism,” and provides a great platform to showcase Iran’s cultural heritage to the world.  It is an endeavor to open the door to international tourism relations. “There has been a 4.7% increase in international tourism in 2014.  This indicates that despite of the many economic and environmental challenges, the number of world tourists continues to grow.”

“The president’s expression of support for improving tourism and the participation of the first vice president to such an event should convey an important message to the world and be seen as an invitation to tourists,” the UNWTO official stated, and promised enhanced support of his organization for tourism events in Iran.    

Tourism deputy of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts & Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Morteza Rahmani Movahed, said “exhibitions are a well established and valuable marketing tool for suppliers and customers, and paves the way for investment and trade.” They provide a platform for tourism industry specialists to directly present local and national destinations and to introduce technical, scientific and industrial innovations in a safe and competitive atmosphere.  They promote tour packages efficiently, optimizing the time and money of customers, he said. “TITE is fully supported by ICHHTO, and I wish for a lasting collaboration among the big tourism family.”    

Sustainable tourism is a criterion for improving cultural interactions, income distribution, and diminishing the rate of unemployment; pioneering countries who have exploited their rich tourism potential have made significant advancements. This industry can contribute 8 to 10% of the gross domestic product and 9 to 11% of the job market, said Mas’oud Soltanifar, Tourism Vice President and Head of ICHHTO. He emphasized that earnings from tourism needs to be invested, and like other basic sciences, “we need to undertake the relevent research in all aspects of the tourism industry, and then underpin it with the necessary infrastructure.” Tourism develops beyond the domestic level, in many countries, through effective diplomatic interaction that help boost sustainable tourism.

It goes without saying that in this competitive market it is necessary to be creative and responsive by offering “suitable services, multicultural packages,” and an easing of the rules. ICHHTO is steadily implementing a comprehensive program to promote sustainable tourism. New government policies have already helped Iran to improve by 16 places on the tourism index, arriving at 48th in the world.  

“We hope to see a significant rise in the number of incoming tourists in the near future, with improved foreign relations,” said Soltanifar.

First vice president, Es’haq Jahangiri, emphasized the importance of promoting tourist security and infrastructure through the collaboration of different government departments. He said: “We welcome Muslim and non-Muslim tourists alike.” Tourism can create friendship and new opportunities through cultural and religious diversity, rather than through fighting and struggle, he added.    

  traditional Caravanserai

The exhibition covering an area of approximately 26000 sq m, in seven halls, showcases hotels, resorts and accommodation centers, equipment and resources, hospitality industry services, travel and tourism companies and agencies, tour operators, insurance companies, freight companies.

A replica of a traditional Iranian caravanserai houses representatives from Iranian provinces and their tourism capacity, art and handicrafts. Participation has grown by 55% growth compared to the previous exhibition. 320 domestic and foreign companies in total are taking part.  

The aim is to foster mutual interaction and also introduce various services and equipment to the visitors. government officials, investors, and private sector companies, as well as envoys from China, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Venezuela, Armenia, Tunisia, South Korea, Turkey and Switzerland are participating in the exhibition.    

 Desert theme

TITE focuses on the outstanding natural, cultural or historical features of Iran. This year the exhibition carries a desert theme, known as Kavir in Persian.  The deserts of Iran draw the attention of tourists and travelers, and appear to be one of the important incentives to visit Iran.  

Three workshops introducing new marketing methods, health tourism and tourism development (with emphasis on management of exhibition events, diversity of tour packages and the presentation of new tourism destinations) will be held during the 8th TITE.  

From the tourism point of view, Iran enjoys two important and unique features: first, its exceptional strategic geographical location, and second, its unique tourism attractions.    

After a well deserved win to host the 2017 International Convention of World Federation of Tourist Guide Association in Tehran, the most globally important gathering of tour guides, this time TITE is a huge opportunity to demonstrate the remarkable tourism aspects of Iran.