Cave Photography Workshop

Cave Photography WorkshopCave Photography Workshop

The world renowned cave and nature photographer, Philippe Crochet, and his wife will be holding a workshop on cave photography in Katale-Khor cave, Zanjan Province, from February 10 to 13, Mehr News agency reported. The international department at Iran Cave and Speleology Association in collaboration with the photography department of International Union of Speleology (UIS), developed the workshop in an effort to discuss the latest techniques and theoretical foundations of this type of photography and exchange ideas and experiences among Iranian and international photographers. Twelve photographers are to attend the workshop. Cave photography involves a mixture of two processes. During the first one, technology, skill, experience, and photographer’s view are the working elements and the second one deals with the environment and atmosphere of the cave, lighting and the subject to be photographed. With the photographer’s emotions involved, the resulting photo contains the special signature of the artist. Philippe Crochet started caving in 1970. He quickly specialized in underground photography and in 1974 founded a club focused on this activity.