Khurvin Ignored

Khurvin IgnoredKhurvin Ignored

Khurvin archaeological site, Alborz Province, should be further excavated, CHN quoted cultural heritage expert Valiolah Dehqani as saying. He believes, Khurvin Black Mound has not received due attention. The famous archaeological mound of Khurvin is 20 meters high. Some 600 meters to the south of the Khurvin Mound, lies the Black Mound. The Black Mound has been ignored for so many years, Dehqani said. In the early 1940’s, a number of ancient artifacts from the Khurvin site were discovered and illegally sold. In 1949, archaeologists Hakemi and Mohammadrad were dispatched to excavate test trenches on the site. They reported their findings in a series of articles. Five years later, Prof. Louis Vandenberghe came to Khurvin to explore the site. He wrote the book Khurvin Graveyard, which was translated into Persian by Issa Behnam. Most of the discoveries were grave goods. In spite of its archaeological significance, the Khurvin site has not undergone a comprehensive scientific survey since that time, Dehqani said.