Alborz Police Retrieve Antiques

Alborz Police Retrieve AntiquesAlborz Police Retrieve Antiques

A total of 31 historical artifacts were seized during clearing operations by police Fardis city, Alborz Province, IRNA reported. Some of the artifacts date back to 2,000 years ago. According to the provincial chief of police Bakhshali Kamrani-Saleh, investigations yielded clues about a woman and her accomplice who were smuggling antiques in Meshkin-Dasht district of Fardis. With the presence of experts from Iran’s Cultural Heritage, handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), the house of the suspects was searched. 31 historical artifacts were found, including 16 exquisite manuscripts, cups, bowls, spears, daggers, statues, and coins. Interrogations revealed that the alleged perpetrators smuggled the artifacts and sold them at a handsome price to domestic dealers. “Historical heritage is what is how a country identifies itself. The force of the law will come down on antique smugglers,” Kamrani Saleh asserted.