Virtual Handicraft Courses

Virtual Handicraft CoursesVirtual Handicraft Courses

By the end of the Fajr 10-day festival (ending February 11), a revised and improved virtual handicraft training program will be launched where enthusiasts can sign up and learn various crafts from Isfahan, CHTN quoted handicrafts department supervisor of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) in Isfahan Mohammad-Hossein Dehqani as saying. The virtual program is aimed at promoting the provincial handicrafts and helping young enthusiasts to learn traditional arts and crafts. It is to be established under the auspices of Homa Technical and Vocational Training Institution. The virtual training system is an opportunity for those who cannot attend courses and workshops, Dehqani said. The crafts to be virtually introduced include traditional sewing techniques, wood inlay, parquetry, and metal engraving. Handicrafts virtual training courses became operational in 2010 by the handicrafts department of the provincial ICHHTO. Many attended the courses, but the program was suspended in 2014 for upgrades.