Majlis Committee to Promote Handicrafts

Majlis Committee to Promote HandicraftsMajlis Committee to Promote Handicrafts

Lawmakers have formed a handicrafts committee in the Majlis, CHTN quoted handicrafts deputy of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Bahman Namvar-Motlaq as saying.

The committee has been long sought after by handicrafts patrons, and was finally realized through the pursuit of parliament members and ICHHTO officials, Namvar-Motlaq said, congratulating the artisans on the new committee.

The committee can greatly support the handicrafts industry, and efficiently supervise their activities. The establishment of the committee indicates the Majlis’ concern about national handicrafts whose section needs much attention and numerous negotiations.

The establishment of the committee is a turning point in the contemporary history of the nation’s handicrafts. It is hoped that the new development will help the industry flourish.

The need for such committee was specially felt in the carpet industry, a member of parliament, representing Tabriz, Mohammad-Esmaeel Saeedi said. Handicrafts have had no specific supporters in the Majlis. So far, the issues involving handicrafts have been dealt by the Cultural Committee or the Industries Committee.

The Handicrafts Committee started to work on February 1. Over 50 parliament members have signed for committee membership. The committee can help the government in management of handicrafts affairs inside and outside the country, Saeedi said.

Iran’s superiority in international carpet markets has been overshadowed by countries such as China and India. This was due to neglect and oversight of officials toward handicrafts in recent years, Saeedi added.