Visit to Lake Parishan

Visit to Lake ParishanVisit to Lake Parishan

Over 1,000 people of Kazerun city, Fars Province walked in a 14km procession and visited Lake Parishan, IRNA reported. The city’s officials were among the people calling for the restoration of the largest freshwater lake in the country. The lake has recently suffered water loss due to surrounding developmental plans, including dam constructions, illegal water well excavations, and aggressive agricultural projects, biodiversity and natural habitat deputy of the Department of Environment (DoE) Ahmad-Ali Keykha said. In the budget plan of the next Iranian calendar year, starting March 2105, a total of $908,250 has been considered for the restoration of province’s wetlands. The government has adopted an efficient approach toward the wetlands and other natural resources, but there will be no success without people’s cooperation, Keykha added. Lake Parishan receives small amount of water form feeding rivers. As the main protective action in this regard, each year 10 million cubic meters of water are transferred to the wetland from Nargesi dam, provincial director general of the DoE Hossein-Ali Ebrahimi said.