Seljuk Artifacts Donated to Museum

Seljuk Artifacts Donated to MuseumSeljuk Artifacts Donated to Museum

A resident of Isfahan donated three historical artifacts to the Isfahan Cultural Heritage Museum, CHTN quoted the commander of the provincial cultural heritage protection unit, Ataollah Sharifi as saying. Sharifi admired the gesture and considered it as an indication of great concern for cultural and historical heritage. “This individual’s act stands in stark contrast to widespread reports on the destruction of many historical sites for the purpose of treasure hunting, and the damage inflicted by profiteers on culture and civilization, that is irreversible,” Sharifi said. “The artifacts are of cultural significance and help deepen understanding of the lifestyle of our ancestors living in a village near Isfahan,” he added. The artifacts are three vessels; two earthen wares and one stone pot.  Experts have dated the items back to the 11th and 12th centuries, Seljuk era. Though the artifacts could be illegally sold at a high price, the unnamed person chose to donate them to the museum, the commander noted.