Iranian Cyclist to Set Record for Riding in Hottest Spot on Earth

Hasan Khorashadizadeh
Hasan Khorashadizadeh
NASA has verified the region as the hottest spot on earth recording a 70.7 degrees Celsius heat in the area

An Iranian biker aims to set a record in the hottest spot on earth - Lut Desert in central Iran - to be registered in the Guinness World Records Book.

Hasan Khorashadizadeh of South Khorasan Province aims to get the hard job done to introduce the region via documentation to raise awareness over the rare vegetation and the biodiversity of the Lut Desert, IRNA reported.

“I’ve been striving to set the record for ten months,” said Khorashadizadeh. “It is getting done to an eight-man team.”

He added that NASA has verified the region as the hottest spot on earth recording a 70.7 degrees Celsius heat in the area.

On August 10, he will set off from Martian Mounts in Nehbandan in South Khorasan, and after peddling 120kms through the desert, he will stop at Rig Yelan (Yelan Dunes) - an area on the intersection of Kerman, South Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces.

The procedure might seem easier said than done as the Guinness Organization has no official in the country to document the performance and enter it in the book. This will leave Khorashadizadeh’s team with the added job of recording details to provide the organization with convincing documents.

Also, Guinness asks its applicants for an entry fee to set their records. The value for registering Khorashadizadeh’s record, not mentioned in the news outlets, is provided by NGO’s and personal funds.

Iran’s Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and Ministry of Sport and Youth will also pay their share.

The sporting event and the documents provided by the team and biker will help introduce the rare biodiversity and ecological system of the area. The ICHHTO office of South Khorasan Province says it counts on using the documents to help boost regional tourism.

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