Spanish Football Federation President Villar Dismissed

Angel Maria Villar
Angel Maria Villar

A situation which is likely to see an imminent call for fresh elections manifested itself on December 22 after a Spanish tribunal court dismissed Angel Maria Villar as the President of the Spanish Football Federation.

Villar was caught by surprise by the news; however, he plans to go to the highest possible legal court to attempt to get the decision reversed. At the same time, Juan Luis Larrea has become the acting president of the federation, Marca reported.

The former president plans to request the temporary suspension of the sanction brought against him in the high court of justice, and if this is granted then he will be able to file individual complaints against all the tribunal court members who voted in favor of his dismissal.

Such an act would leave Spanish football in a further state of disarray because the entire process would be paralyzed as the outcome of those individual complaints would need to be made clear.

There has been an accusation that Villar publicized his own candidacy to be president again and that he carried out various activities which helped further this effort, despite not being permitted to officially run.

On April 6, 2017, the Spaniard signed a letter that was addressed to all regional presidents and it labeled him as a pre-candidate for the elections for the Royal Spanish Football Federation presidency.

The tribunal court has found that this act would in fact break the law. “Those who submit their candidacy to be part of the governing body may not be members of the Management Committee,” the laws state.

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