McLaren Names Hypercar After F1 Legend Ayrton Senna

McLaren Senna side view
McLaren Senna side view

McLaren introduces its latest hypercar, the P1’s successor with a twin-turbocharged 4-liter V8 engine that spins just the rear wheels similar to the system of F1 cars.

According to, dubbed the McLaren Senna, after legendary racer Ayrton Senna, the newest McLaren is more of a true McLaren F1 successor than a continuation of the P1’s groundwork.

Ayrton Senna (1960-1994) was a Brazilian racing driver who won three Formula One world championships for McLaren in 1988, 1990 and 1991, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time. He died in an accident while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

The suspension of the Senna is hydraulic and works alongside the active aero bodywork to keep the car sucked to the road. It uses double-wishbone control arms at every corner, which helps keep the tires planted to the ground.

The hydraulic dampers are connected to each other to work together to keep the car at the right height for every situation. In race mode, the Senna gets in race car form by lowering everything. Slowing the Senna is a set of massive carbon ceramic brakes, which work in conjunction with a special set of Pirelli Trofeo R tires.

McLaren axed some luxe features to get the Senna the right shape and the right weight. The team at McLaren designed the Senna with aerodynamics in mind, and luxury features. The interior is also full of carbon fiber and synthetic suede.

However, keeping the 1198kg McLaren on the ground is a huge rear wing, double diffuser in the rear and a front splitter. The active aerodynamics helps keep the downforce away when you do not need it, but supply it when you do.

McLaren plans to officially debut the Senna at the Geneva motor show March 8-18, 2018, but it already said how much it costs; just over $1 million. McLaren is only making 500 Sennas.

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