Iran Wins Title at US World Weightlifting Championships

Iran Wins Title at US World Weightlifting Championships Iran Wins Title at US World Weightlifting Championships

Iran weightlifting squad finished atop the ‘Big’ medals table at the World Weightlifting Championships in Anaheim, California, November 28-December 5.

In the Big medals ranking, medals won in the total results (snatch and clean & jerk together) are counted. Thus considering the two total gold, one total silver and two total bronze medals in different weight categories, Iran won the title of the tournament for the first time, reported.

Ali Hashemi of 105kg category won the gold medal of snatch division by lifting 183kg on December 4. He won the bronze medal of clean and jerk by handling the 221kg (only one kilo less than the silver winner). Hashemi also won the total gold medal with 404kg.

 Unfortunate Salimi

In an unfortunate event, Iranian weightlifter in the +105kg Behdad Salimi’s first attempt in clean and jerk at the 241kg barbell was overruled by the jury for not having his arm locked straight, although it received three white lights (accepted) by the three judges present at the event, December 5.

In his second attempt, Salimi managed to lift 242kg to stay in the competition but again in his third attempt at 252kg weight, the jury denied the attempt although it was accepted with three white lights.

The jury decision pushed Behdad to fifth place in the clean and jerk division. However, regarding his silver medal in snatch for 211kg weight, Salimi’s total of 453kg won him the bronze medal of total as well.

Iran’s heavy weightlifter had a similar experience in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He lifted 216kg in snatch in August 2016 and set a new world and Olympics record. However, he was not ranked in the final standings as the jury did not accept any of his attempts in the clean and jerk ruling “he was still moving” although it was accepted by the three judges.

 Champion’s Comeback

Junior World Champion and record holder Saeed Alihosseini returned to international competition after being away due to a doping ban.

Competing in the +105kg category, Alihosseini showed a remarkable performance in handling 203kg and 251kg weights in snatch and clean and jerk divisions respectively to win the bronze medals of both. A total of 454kg lift decorated him with the bronze medal of total too.

The record for junior weightlifting which was set by Alihosseini in 2008 is still unbeaten. He lifted 206kg and 245kg in snatch and clean and jerk respectively at the Asian Junior Championships in South Korea and hit the record in both as well as the total record with 451kg.

 World Record

On December 3, Sohrab Moradi collected three gold medals and set two new records in the 94kg category.

In the same category, Seyed Ayoob Mousavi, 22, grabbed two bronze medals of clean and jerk as well as total.

Kianoush Rostami in the 85kg class did not shine due to a refreshed injury. The world record holder of clean and jerk and also total suffered a left knee injury which forced him to come second in snatch. Rostami failed in all three attempts for clean and jerk and left the tournament  with only one silver.

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