Women’s Kabaddi Team Beats S. Korea in Friendly

Women’s Kabaddi Team Beats S. Korea in FriendlyWomen’s Kabaddi Team Beats S. Korea in Friendly

Iran women’s kabaddi team defeated South Korea 27-22 in a friendly match held in the northern city of Gorgan, Golestan province, November 18.

Both teams are preparing for the fifth Asian Women Kabaddi Championships in Gorgan, Iran, November 24-27.

The tournament along with the 10th Asian Men Championships will be held at Imam Khomeini Stadium in Gorgan.

Iran, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan have sent their teams both in women and men categories. Taiwan will attend only in the women’s competition.

Kabaddi is played between two teams of seven players; the object of the game is for a single player on offence - referred to as a raider - to run into the opposing team’s half of the court, tag out as many of their defenders as possible, and return to their own half of the court - all without being tackled by the defenders.

Points are scored for each player tagged by the raider, while the opposing team earns a point for stopping the raider. Players are taken out of the game if they are tagged or tackled, but can be revived for each point scored by their team from a tag or tackle.

Iran holds the second place in the International Kabaddi Federation after India. South Korea and Thailand hold third and fourth places respectively.

In the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup - held in Ahmedabad, India, with 12 teams participating - Iran lost to India in the final game to take second place.


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