Four Prizes at World Kung Fu Championships

Four Prizes at World Kung Fu ChampionshipsFour Prizes at World Kung Fu Championships

Iranian Kung Fu practitioners achieved first, second and third category prizes at the 7th World Kung Fu Championships (WKFC) in Emeishan City in Sichuan Province, China, November 7-11.

According to, Saeed Atazadeh won the first prize award of the Chen-style tai chi category.

Seyyed Hamed Katouzi, traditional tai chi athlete, stood on the second place of the championship to win the second category prize award.

Another athlete from Iran, Hassan Qasemi conquered the third category prize. Also Mohsen Rouzbahani ended up third in the Shaolin class.

The WKFC is the official world level sport-for-all event hosted by the International Wushu Federation. Previously called the World Traditional Wushu Championships, the WKFC in principle takes place biennially and features thousands of competitors in all age groups competing in a wide variety of divisions.

It provides an excellent platform for practitioners of all ages and varying skill levels within all traditional kung fu styles to foster friendships through skill and cultural exchanges.

With a spirit of interaction, the event aims to build friendships and interest in the practice of kung fu, traditional wushu. The Chinese Wushu Association is responsible for the organization of the 7th WKFC under the auspices of the International Wushu Federation.


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