Iranian Ascends Mera Peak in Himalayas

Mostafa AhmadiMostafa Ahmadi

Iranian mountaineer Mostafa Ahmadi ascended the 6,475-meter Mera Peak in the Himalayas.

“I had aerobic and special exercises for six months and after receiving permit from Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation, I travelled to Nepal,” IRNA quoted Ahmadi as saying.

Ahmadi had previously conquered Mount Damavand, Alam Kuh, Sabalan, Oshtoran Kuh, Azad Kuh, Mount Binalud, Shir Kuh, Alvand and other peaks in Iran.

Mera Peak is a mountain in the Himalaya. At 6,476 meters it is classified as a trekking peak. It contains three main summits: Mera North, 6,476 meters; Mera Central, 6,461 meters; and Mera South, 6,065 meters, as well as a smaller ‘trekking summit’, visible as a distinct summit from the south but not marked on most maps of the region.

For experienced climbers it is a technically straightforward ascent, the main hurdle being proper acclimatization to the high altitude. These reasons make Mera Peak a very popular destination.

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