Unruly Coaches to Receive Yellow and Red Cards

Unruly Coaches to Receive Yellow and Red CardsUnruly Coaches to Receive Yellow and Red Cards

Misbehaving coaching staff will risk being shown a red or yellow card during a world-first trial in Australia.

The trial is set to shake up Australia’s top-flight men’s and women’s leagues - the A-League and W-League - when it starts this weekend, the first of its kind in top-tier domestic competitions, the Independent reported.

Red card offences will include throwing and kicking water bottles, spitting and insulting or abusive language, whilst cautions will be given for behavior including dissent, provocative gesturing and entering the opposition’s technical area

Though referees already have the power to banish coaching staff to the stands, red and yellow cards will make it clear to spectators when sanctions are imposed just as with players.

The normal consequences of accumulating cards will also apply with two yellows in a single match resulting in a sending off and suspension from the next game.

“It will help fans and viewers better understand the issues that match officials face on a weekly basis and help promote respect towards them,” said A-League boss Greg O‘Rourke. Importantly it will send a strong message throughout the game at grassroots level that poor behavior towards match officials and opposition team officials is unacceptable and carries consequences.

The ideal outcome of the trial is to improve behavior from within the technical area towards match officials and also between team benches.”

The A-league became the world’s first professional league to introduce video assistant referees in April.



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