Second Place in CP Football World Championships

Second Place in CP Football World ChampionshipsSecond Place in CP Football World Championships

Iran’s CP football (cerebral palsy) team suffered a loss against  Ukrainian rivals to land in  second place at 2017 International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football (IFCPF) CP Football World Championships in Argentina.

The final showdown saw Iranian and Ukrainian CP teams competing for the gold medal. At the end of a breath-taking debut, Ukraine got the better of the Persian side with only one goal, Mehr News Agency reported.

As a result the Iranians stood behind title-winner Ukraine to occupy second place in the international sporting event.

Previously in the group stage of the event, Iran’s CP football team had overcome Argentina and Portugal but succumbed to the Russian rivals.

In the second stage, Iranians succeeded in quelling Brazil and later breezed past the UK  contestant on the road to the finals.

CP Football is played with modified FIFA rules. Among the modifications there are seven players, no offside, a smaller playing field, and permission for one-handed throw-ins.

Matches consist of two thirty-minute halves, with a fifteen-minute half-time break. The championships are a qualifying event for the 2019 IFCPF CP Football World Championships.

In the Argentine event from September 4-24 athletes with physical disability attended.


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