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Rhinoplasty in Iran, the New Destination for Medical Tourism

Rhinoplasty in Iran, the New Destination for Medical TourismRhinoplasty in Iran, the New Destination for Medical Tourism

During the last decade, medical tourism had played an important role in providing therapeutic and cosmetic services in the world, and this has led to an increase in the number of medical tourism agencies. If you have sought rhinoplasty and hair transplant before, you have certainly realized Iran’s popularity as one of the medical tourism destinations. Nose job in Iran is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in this country and many people travel to Iran to perform a rhinoplasty annually. 

According to Iran’s Ministry of Health, more than 500,000 of foreign patients have traveled to Iran last year. Apart from the fact that the highly-advanced and specialized medical centers and hospitals, educated and experienced doctors, and comfortable and diverse accommodations have attracted the patients’ trust for performing therapeutic and cosmetic surgeries in Iran, the significant difference in costs, like rhinoplasty in Iran with the European countries and the United States, also strongly encourages them to travel to Iran.


Rhinoplasty in Iran


More than 150,000 of rhinoplasty in Iran are being performed annually. This number of surgeries has led Iran to have the most experienced doctors for rhinoplasty. The cost of the nose job surgery in Iran is 60 percent less expensive in comparison with the United States and compared to the European and Arab countries has a cost difference of at least 30 percent.. Also, the advanced methods of rhinoplasty, subspecialty hospitals, and the post-operative cares have greatly facilitated the rhinoplasty in Iran.

The agencies providing medical tourism services will plan a comprehensive trip for a nose job in Iran for seven days. This travel plan will include a medical visa, hotel, transfers, doctor’s visit, the surgery, and the post-operative care and the revision.


Hair Transplant in Iran


Hair transplant in Iran had remarkable progress during the last years. All the new methods of hair transplant are being carried out in Iran. The FUT, FIT, and SUT methods are the most popular methods of performing this surgery in Iran. All hair transplant operations are being carried out in the subspecialty clinics with VIP rooms and the latest technology of this field. Apart from the method of hair transplant, you can choose your final hairstyle and the way of your hairline growth. The whole suggested patterns by your doctor will be designed according to the specific shape of your head with natural results.

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