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Gando Receives 4th Consumer Protection Award

Gando Receives 4th Consumer Protection Award Gando Receives 4th Consumer Protection Award

Gando Trade Company was awarded the Statue of the Consumer Protection for the fourth successive years

The award was granted during the sixth annual ceremony of consumer protection held by Tehran Province's Organization of Industries Mining and Trade at the presence of high-ranking officials at Tehran's Espinas Hotel in early May.

Established in 2012, Gando Trading Co. and its aftersales service unit, known as Gando Service, are specialized in production, import and export, and aftersales services of video and audio equipment. The company had won the award in 2018, 2017 and 2016.

The company had its focus on importing video and audio systems at the beginning of its carrier. But due to the necessity of achieving to ideal price, it decided to establish a production unit inside the country to produce goods like, digital receiver or setup box, thumbs speakers, and most recently the android box.

 In order to achieve its plan for providing maximum quality goods and services, the company obtained license to solicitorship, manufacture, import, sell and provide services of six different brands. The company now producesd receiver and speaker of six brands namely Maxeeder, GANDO, BlackSmith (BLS), Mfour, Suarez, Zeco in Iran. It also offers after-sales service for the abovementioned brands along with Sony PlayStation.

Gando has more than 120 active representative offices across the country.

Following its achievement in meeting the Industries, Mining and Trade Organization's standards, the company was granted a certificate to provide aftersales services to Sony game consoles in Iran. Currently, Gando is the only firm approved by Iran's Ministry of Industry and Mining for guarantee of Sony PlayStation products in Iran.

The website MarkazKarid.com is the only online shop permitted to sell PlayStation consoles with the guarantee of Gando service.

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