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Sandwich Panels, Economical Choice

Sandwich Panels, Economical ChoiceSandwich Panels, Economical Choice

The structural similarity of the sandwich panel with the edible sandwich is interesting. But sandwich panels are not to be eaten. Sandwich panels are made of a couple of layers fixed together. Actually, sandwich panels are made of two outermost layers surrounding an insulated core layer in between. The layers are of different material. Application of sandwich panels in construction is more economical than other material.


Advantages of using a sandwich panel

  • Applicable in all climates
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to replace
  • Reduced sound and energy transmission
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Highly flexible
  • Good fire resistance


Popular Types


1-Roof panels

The ceiling panels are made up of wider steps, so they are used to construct roofs of various projects. Aluzinc and galvanized sheets are used as outer layers of sandwich panels. Polyurethane foam, which is suitable for sound and heat insulation, is used between these two layers.

2-Wall Sandwich Panel

Wall sandwich panels are used to cover the walls and around the niches. The wall panel sandwich has less rigidness. The sandwich thickness varies from 4 to 20 cm. The wall panel sandwich consists of two galvanized metal sheets and Aluzinc.

3-Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

One of the most popular and most used thermal insulations of sandwich panels is the glass wool type. This panel is made of fiberglass wool insulation making it very light.

4-Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel

These panels are one of the best-selling insulators resistant to noise pollution. They are also used for fire protection.

5-Cold store Sandwich Panel

Highly suitable for the construction of cold rooms due to the availability of the materials.

6-Dense foam sandwich panel

7-Polyurethane sandwich panel

8-Wall Polystyrene Sandwich Panel



Installing a Sandwich Panel

It's important to have professional people install sandwich panels. Sandwich panels are used in various structures. Moisture, heat, sound and anti-combustion properties are among key factors in determining what kind of panels should be used. A professional takes all of the aspects into consideration when installing a sandwich panel,

About two millimeters of flashing are used for attaching panels to building components. Polyurethane is used for sealing between panels. It is necessary to pay attention to the distance between columns and height when installing a sandwich panel.



Sandwich Panel Applications

  • In villas and pre-made buildings
  • Ceiling and wall covers
  • Residential areas
  • Guard booths, fuel stations, greenhouses
  • Foodstuff warehouses
  • Industrial and semi-industrial units


Price of Sandwich Panels in Iran

The price of sandwich panels depends on the type and number of layers used. The thickness of the layers is also a key factor in determining the final price.


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