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Looking for Authentic Experiences in Iran through Sustainable Tourism

Looking for Authentic Experiences in Iran through Sustainable TourismLooking for Authentic Experiences in Iran through Sustainable Tourism

When it comes to Iran, most people have in mind the beauties of Isfahan and the great history of the Persian Empire in Persepolis. As wonderful as those world heritage sites can be, there are plenty of unknown places to discover and unique experiences to taste while traveling to Iran. With the rapid growth of sustainable tourism, those gems have started to arise thanks to the knowledge of locals.

TasteIran (tasteiran.net) is one of these start-ups specialized in providing off the beaten track experiences, to show the true face of Iran to visitors.



Because sustainable tourism involves local people and aims to empower them, it puts humans at the center of the experience.

This way, tourists can share the life of nomads while traveling with them. Or, they can discover the rich culture of Afro-Iranians during one of their intriguing rituals in the south of Iran.

It’s also an opportunity to embrace the diversity of faiths: aside from the famous mosques of Isfahan or Shiraz, Iran possesses several Orthodox churches nested in the mountains.

Zoroastrians, as well as Jewish, and Sufis, have ancestral places of worships throughout the country, just waiting to be witnessed.



Responsible tourism has the advantage of allowing local populations to reconnect with their ancient natural customs. While going to the desert, why not visiting this surprising palm tree farm supplied with underground water?

In the historical village of Meymand, one can sleep in a village where locals live in handmade carved caves, dating back from several centuries ago! Those places, like no others, display the ability of men to cohabit with nature. They are now available in Iran for tourists from all over the world, thanks to websites such as tasteiran.net, which do their best to inform visitors and provide them with these authentic experiences.

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