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Iran Looking to Overtake Turkey in Hair Transplant Surgery

Iran Looking to Overtake Turkey in Hair Transplant Surgery
Iran Looking to Overtake Turkey in Hair Transplant Surgery

Aside from having geographical, cultural, and historical ties, Turkey and Iran have lately developed a shared interest in medical tourism as a source of revenue. Although the two nations have always had cordial relations, it seems they are imperceptibly competing to be the top destination for health tourists.

Only in the year 2014, some 20 million health tourists traveled abroad for cosmetic procedures among which hair transplant ranks as one of the top five procedures men traveled overseas for.

For over a decade, Turkey has been the world's first choice for hair transplant treatments. Yet, the country has been overlooking its neighboring rival. As it appears, Iran has set sight to earn the title by taking its medical tourism industry to the next level.

Hair transplant is a definite and effective way to reverse hair loss and is gaining popularity among both men and women. Choosing to undergo hair transplant in Iran has risen in recent years. Many factors contribute to why Iran is witnessing an over-pour of health tourists seeking hair transplant treatments in the country; the main reasons are as follows:


Cost-efficiency of hair transplant in Iran

Medical tourists who travel to Iran for their hair transplant can often save up to 80% on their treatment. This is, in large part, due to the depreciation of Iranian rial against other currencies like Turkish lira. The circumstances have enticed large numbers of foreigners to pay a visit to Iran for hair restoration reasons. 

In Iran, medical tourism facilitation companies offer various types of hair restoration with the utmost quality and at competitive prices. For instance, a top medical tourism service provider in Iran can help you find beard transplant packages that cost between $900 to $1900. The cost of the same procedure in Turkey will fall at the end of this spectrum, starting at $2000.


Variety of options for hair transplant

International patients who opt for hair transplantation in Iran can benefit from a broad range of options and techniques to choose from based on their needs. In addition to more conventional FUT and FUE methods, the recent breakthroughs in hair transplant call for people flocking to the country to undergo eyebrow transplant or forehead reduction surgery.


Highly-skilled hair transplant specialists

Hair transplant is an exacting procedure that requires in-depth knowledge. Iranian hair transplant specialists perform each procedure by employing the most effective techniques and devotedly using what they know to provide optimal results.


Emergence of medical tourism facilitation companies

There are a handful of medical tourism companies in Iran. One example of such facilitators is AriaMedTour. Found in 2016, the company saw an exemplary growth within a short time. International patients who undergo medical or cosmetic treatments through AriaMedTour can benefit from 5-star services including airport pickup, hospital transfer, personal interpreter, and many more. The agency also offers hair transplant packages at competitive prices. Such services help patients to save money and enjoy a peace of mind while opting for medical treatment in a foreign country.

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