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Asia-Pacific Startup Network Unveiled

Asia-Pacific Startup Network UnveiledAsia-Pacific Startup Network Unveiled

Pardis Technology Park in Tehran has established the Asia-Pacific Startup Network, an online platform for promoting technology startups and programs, with the aim of developing collaboration between Asia-Pacific countries.
Milad Sadrkhanlou, the head of Commercial Development Center at the park, says the network is a virtual place for ESCAP member states for developing a joint startup ecosystem, Mehr News Agency reported.
He was referring to the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.
“Startups, mentors and investors can join the network, accessible via the website, and start their activities,” Sadrkhanlou said.
According to the official, the network is aimed at establishing stronger technological collaboration between the countries, offering technical support and mentoring services to fledgling startups and providing investors with an opportunity to find potentially promising startups.
"The network will be beneficial for Iran in that it helps us update our knowledge and offer our domestically-made tech products and services to a larger market," Sadrkhanlou said.
“One of the special features of the network is that users have direct access to information about other members. This will help startups, mentors and investors to choose wisely before forging collaborations.”
The network and its mechanism are currently being studied by ESCAP. In case the project is approved by the commission, all member countries will officially join the network and start activities.
ESCAP is the regional development arm of the United Nations for the Asia-Pacific region.


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