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ICT Training Courses for Conscripts in Iran

ICT Training Courses for Conscripts in IranICT Training Courses for Conscripts in Iran

A local vocational university affiliated to the ICT Ministry has introduced 150 instructors to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, who will provide conscripts with training in the fields of information and communication technologies.
The Faculty of Applied Science of Post and Telecommunication said it has selected the instructors from among 800 volunteers working at the faculty. “They will offer 6 ICT courses to the conscripts,” Vahid Yazdanian, head of the university was quoted as saying by
The measure is part of a government project envisaged to help augment productivity of the draftees during their 21-month military service and boost their prospects of landing a suitable and permanent job.
Yazdanian says 150 more instructors will be introduced to the General Staff of the Armed Forces by March. “The instructors will offer courses on the Internet of Things [IoT], cybersecurity, programming, e-commerce, network engineering and more.”
Conscripts will get training in categories compatible with their own preferences and capabilities. 
Before the end of the current fiscal year (March), at least 1,000 soldiers will be trained. Results of the training courses will be monitored and used to improve and optimize the project.
In March 2018 an agreement was signed between the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the ICT Ministry to train 200,000 conscripts in information and communication technologies and relevant skills.
Based on the agreement, the government agreed to identify employment opportunities for the young soldiers and officers after the mandatory service is completed.
Making better use of the time spent during military service has been on the government agenda. 
As per law, all males upon reaching the age of 18 must serve in the armed forces for 21 months to be eligible for employment or overseas travel. An estimated half million men turn up for military service every year.

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