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Iranian White Hat Hackers on March to Augment Cybersecurity

Kolah Sefid (literally means ‘white hat’) is Iran’s first bug bounty platform which aims to improve cybersecurity, find security holes and notify the potential victim so they have an opportunity to fix the vulnerabilities before a less-scrupulous hacker e
Iranian White Hat Hackers on March to Augment CybersecurityIranian White Hat Hackers on March to Augment Cybersecurity
Kolah Sefid has worked on various cases of intrusion detection systems, security evaluation, as well as debugging, including two projects which involved judiciary-affiliated websites, resulting in the detection of 23 bugs

A new startup introducing a bug bounty platform and tapping Iranian white hat hackers' potential is addressing the cybersecurity concerns that have beleaguered the booming web-based businesses in the country.
Kolah Sefid (literally means 'white hat') is the first national platform for the competitive debugger community.
Cybersecurity is a key component of the digital era. With online businesses growing at an exponential rate, the old-school approach of outsourcing maintenance of a digital service's security seems not only costly but also insufficient.
According to its website, Kolah Sefid has been launched to address the issue and to hopefully yield more favorable results in the given field. Furthermore, the startup enables white hat hackers to earn a living by employing their hard-earned skills.


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