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Annoying Ad Senders Blocked by CRA

Annoying Ad Senders Blocked by CRAAnnoying Ad Senders Blocked by CRA

The telecoms minister took to his Instagram account to say that 3,000 advertising phone numbers have been blocked by the Communications Regulatory Authority this week.

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi wrote on the social media network, “The CRA has sent warnings to numbers that have caused inconvenience for mobile users through their advertisement text messages,” local technology website ICTNA reported.

Unwanted text message advertisements have become a headache for cellphone users in the country. The CRA has repeatedly cautioned the annoying ad senders to stop their distractions.

The authority launched a system this week through which subscribers can register complaints against the irritating ads which many consider spam.

Jahromi says that during the short span, over 82,600 complaints have been registered. “After looking into the matter, CRA blocked 2,773 numbers.”

Users can send the phone number of irritant ad senders to CRA’s automated system ‘195’ via a text message.

The minister further censured local mobile operators for disregarding the calm and tranquility of users. Each operator has provided Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes (USSD codes) through which they say users can get rid of the advertisement messages but the system does not work as claimed.

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