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Moving Freight Made Easier With Internet-Based Trucking

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Several online businesses in Iran are creating the conditions to remove middlemen in the transport and haulage industry and directly connect individuals and businesses to truckers
Through Asan Bar app customers can track the movement of their freight via GPS.
Through Asan Bar app customers can track the movement of their freight via GPS.
According to law transport companies are not allowed to demand more than an 8% commission on each shipment. However, truckers say they often have to pay as much as 30% to get cargo and line the pockets of dishonest officials at ports and other goods trans

Local startups have launched services that connect individuals and businesses to truckers. Three of the successful companies are Asan Bar (Easy Load in Persian), Taraabar (Transporter) and BarYar (Transport Assistant)

High commission demanded by middlemen and avaricious brokers have fleeced truckers for years. Just like other businesses, Internet-based services are infiltrating the cargo transport industry.

Asan Bar operates through a website under the address and has an Android application available for download on local app market Café Bazaar.

Truckers can register their personal information and the type of their commercial vehicle on the service. Customers can create accounts with Asan Bar, uploading information about their cargo, location, destination and preferred fare.

Through the application customers can track their goods and their movement via GPS. Truckers are ranked depending on their performance, customer satisfaction and other drivers’ opinion about their driving skills and performance.

The other startup, Taraabar, has a few perks compared to Asan Bar. In addition to an Android application, it has an iOS app which helps the business target a wider range of customers. Clients and companies can demand cargo delivery outside Iran.

On Taraabar app cargos are listed under two domestic and international destinations. Truckers can go through the lists and check details about destination, fees and other features like tonnage.

The third company is making use of all possible means to connect cargo hauling companies and private truckers to customers. In addition to its website (,  Android and iOS applications, BarYar also operates through a Telegram bot.

Telegram is the most popular messaging application in Iran with some 45 million users and bots are third-party applications that run inside Telegram. Users can interact with bots by sending them messages, commands, and requests. Instead of installing a new app or visiting a website, users can easily message BarYar’s bot.

Currently, none of the businesses charge truckers a brokerage fee and seemingly make profit from in-app advertisement.

Several other websites such as UBaar ( and BarOn ( offer similar services.

 High Brokerage Fees

According to a rule of the Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization, transport companies are not allowed to demand more than an 8% commission on each shipment.

However, according to several truckers, some pay as much as 30% at major Iranian ports to corrupt officials to be able to receive cargo, especially when the market is slack and there is less demand for trucks.

In the trucking industry, the act of driving without a load and hauling an empty trailer is called deadheading, which means trucking without getting paid for it. The online businesses enable truckers to find cargo wherever it may be available for haulage, decreasing the possibility of deadheading.

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