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Startups Loom Large in Tehran Elecomp 2017

Startups of various stripes are asserting their role and influence at this year’s tech festival
Several startups offered new apps to help society, including charities. Several startups offered new apps to help society, including charities.
Ride-hailing and motorbike delivery apps, whose fortunes have been rising, were dominant. These included the prominent players like Snapp, Tap30 and AloPeyk

The 23rd International Exhibition of Electronics, Computer and E-Commerce (Elecomp 2017) opened on Friday with startups showing their prowess.

Elecom Stars, the section dedicated to innovative startups, listed several bright ideas and services which should help develop the local tech sector.

The fledgling companies offered services such as advertising, marketing, security, entertainment, big data, cloud computing, fintech and more.

Here is a list of the most promising startups at this year’s event;

 Transport Apps

Ride-hailing and motorbike delivery apps were dominant. In addition to prominent players like Snapp, Tap30 and AloPeyk — Iran’s largest ride-hailing and motorbike delivery companies — two new businesses showed applications offering similar services.

The two new apps were ‘Dash,’ a new ride-haling service and ‘Motonet,’ a bike delivery app. The two businesses say they are providing costumers and drivers with incentives to pull them away from the existing services.

 Also, carpooling applications were present with a firm called Rahsepar showcasing its app.

Rahsepar operates like other similar services; passengers can choose their route on the app’s map and look for vehicles on the route they want.

 Maps and Navigation

Persian-language navigation mobile application ‘Locs’ was also present. The navigator is developed by a knowledge-based group, Tookan Tech, with more than 160,000 downloads in four months.

One of the prominent features of the Locs is “crowd sourcing” through which users can add places and sites of interest.

In addition to Locs, Ki Kojas was present at Elecomp 2017. The name of this startup translates into “Who’s Where?” It is an open-source information database that catalogs different urban services in detail.

The services listed on the website are diverse and include banks, restaurants, bakeries, parks, museums, cinemas and educational institutes.

Users can also contribute to the directory by ranking different services, writing reviews or uploading photos.   

 E-Learning and Charities

Businesses offering e-learning services also came  with names like Yadease (backed by Dmond Accelerator) and Nima (supported by Amir Kabir University).

Charity startups also had booths, with one local charity startup, Mehrabaneh, meaning “The Kind One” in Persian, showcased its latest offering. The startup aims to redefine how people contribute to humanitarian causes. It promotes crowd-funding of charitable projects such as setting up a library in deprived areas.

Another online charity app, Behnam, offers users a list of different events and projects which they can fund. The app is backed by a charity called Behnam Daheshpour based in Tehran.

 Best 3 Startups Head to Germany

During the event, some of the entrepreneurs, who have enrolled in Elecomp’s Startup competition, showcased their services in front of panels of professionals and potential investors.

The results of the contest will be announced by the end of the week.

The top three startups will attend Germany’s CeBIT 2018.

CeBIT, the global event for digital business, is a trade fair held annually in Hanover. The winners from this year’s Elecom Stars will be the first Iranian startups to attend the prestigious German event.





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