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Iran Business Communication App Launched

An Iranian knowledge-based firm aiming to facilitate businesses’ internal communications has launched a locally developed application which offers genuine secure services
Iran Business Communication App LaunchedIran Business Communication App Launched
The application will, in addition to text written communications, offer voice and video calls

A technology company, Yekaan Danesh, has launched a cross-platform internal communication app which aims to create a secure and user-friendly network, connecting business employees via their smartphones and office computers.

Due to years of economic sanctions, several international firms like Cisco that develop, manufacture, and sell networking hardware, continue to be barred from offering ICT systems to Iranian clients. This created a huge vacuum in the local market and undermined competition.

The application named Darkoob in Persian (woodpecker) will, in addition to text written communications, offer voice and video calls like several other apps; however, unlike its foreign rivals, all communications are conducted through secured servers.

One of the main selling points of the service is its security against external intrusion. All the data communicated is confined to the servers on the company premises and not accessible to the outside world.

According to the official website of the service, depending on the number of employees, Darkoob charges the businesses 7.5 million to 570 million rials ($200 to $15,200) for the equipment and maintenance of the service. The more expensive service costs $15,000 and supports up to 2,000 users.

In addition to Microsoft Windows desktop software, the application can be installed on smartphones using Android and iOS operating systems.

Also, the company offers a service related to business telephone systems, named Pezhva (echo). This service offers a multiline telephone system, encompassing systems ranging from small telephone systems to large-scale exchanges.

Several open source software offer the same service, like Asterisk, in addition to commercial systems offered by multinational companies like Microsoft and Cisco Systems.

The company offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services through Pezhva. Voice over IP or VOIP is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks, such as the Internet.

Prior to the introduction of the localized system, Iranian offices had to use server systems obtained from the grey market due to the embargo on tech sales.

Other Office Startups

Several other firms are also offering their own take on modern office communications. One app in particular which works across mobile and desktop is called That app aims to take on several other competitors globally, creating a unified messaging system which can also work in both Persian and English.

The group behind the app says their offer, which has now been released in the international market after an initial Iran-only launch, differs from the traditional office apps because it works with the existing methods of communications such as emailing, messaging and file-sharing.

The team leader Ehsan Nouredin Moosa told Financial Tribune his app operates in a way that provides security to users and is compatible with several services simultaneously.


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