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New Super App Joins the Race to Efficacy

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An Iranian startup is looking to radically shake-up how office communications work
New locally-developed app helps office workers.
New locally-developed app helps office workers.
On December 26 signed a contract with one local company to offer the new service to its workers

As the battleground for work optimization continues with the introduction of several sites, bots and apps to help one work more efficiently, one Iranian startup group has entered the fray., the new locally developed software aims to tackle the increasingly diverse nature of communication in the form of one ‘super app’ which combines several features into one program.

The group behind the app says their offer, which has now been released in the international market after an initial Iran-only launch, differs from the traditional office apps because it works with the existing methods of communications such as emailing, messaging and file-sharing.

The team leader Ehsan Nouredin Moosa told Financial Tribune his app operates in a way that gives security to users and offers a way to work with several different services all at once, under one roof.

The app, which is available on iOS and Android, while also online for desktop users, is still in its early stages according to analytics company SW, where in October had just over 4,000 hits.

As with many other websites that are developing slowly, the site has been used mainly in Iran up until this week. However, the US and the UK make up the second biggest hits for the site.

The team that created the app describe the up-run to the creation of the app as, “communication was getting out of control, companies and individuals were adapting the way they communicate to suit the software and not the other way around.”

Moosa goes on to further explain that, “emailing is the best example, it just wasn’t built for the way we use it today.”  

The app developer noted, “It was a huge challenge for us [to make this app]. With so many existing and new platforms, we knew we should not introduce new methods without addressing current issues – taking a deeper look at how people communicate.”

Moosa met his fellow co-founders Farzin Nami and Sina Boostani at the University of Birmingham in England. Between their studies, they would often come together to conceive ideas to handle workgroups through various platforms.

Returning to Tehran, he joined a medium-sized company and was called upon to create a more efficient and effective inter-team communication platform. Looking back at that period of his life he recalls, “It was there that I began to realize how we communicate at different levels – having different roles in different places and at different times.

Moosa added “I noticed that communication is intrinsically contextual and existing messaging methods, at best, allow users to add context to grouping.

Nami told the Financial Tribune that the app also has users in other countries, namely the Middle East, North Africa, India and Pakistan.

Locally, he said following their first exhibition at last week’s Elecomp 2016, several hundred people expressed interest in using their app for their companies and institutions.

Nami added, “On December 26, we signed a deal with one local company to offer Nested to their workers – being their first paid customer since the official launch earlier this month.”

 He also added that two local schools in Iran are now using the app for their students and teachers to increase working capacity of students and also being a help to teachers keeping a track on students project work.

The international release of the app comes only a few days after several other locally-funded startups took part in ‘Elecomp Stars’ where investors  met with startup owners and discussed potential future cooperation.

According to the public relations office of the Iranian ICT Guild Organization, 135 startups pitched their business ideas to a jury comprising 38 members. Each startup had two minutes to explain their ideas and the jurors asked questions in four extra minutes.

With the financial support from the Iranian ICT Guild Organization, the top three startups will attend CeBIT 2017 in March.


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