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6 Best Iranian Apps for Winter

It’s cold outside and these apps may help ward off your wintry blues
Snowboard Ski Teacher is a Persian-language app that teaches snowboarding skills.
Snowboard Ski Teacher is a Persian-language app that teaches snowboarding skills.
Havashenas 3 gives users the latest details of the capital’s weather

Winter has arrived early in the Iranian capital this year, with the second consecutive day of heavy snowfall likely to slow down the city more than normal.  

Knowing this, here are the six best Android apps to make the best use of the snowy weather for the upcoming winter:

 App No. 1

For snowboard buffs, a new locally developed app called Snowboard Ski Teacher is available for download from Café Bazaar. The app, which gives you a virtual snowboard instructor, explains in Persian how to snowboard with special tutorials on basic movements, exercises and more advanced level lessons. However, avoid using the app while boarding in Dizin or Tochal. The unique app is developed by RayanPardaz group and is one of the unique apps available.  

 App No. 2

Another sport-related app is Trace Snow, available on both iOS and Android. The app calls itself the premier ski and snowboard tracking app and was ranked the most popular winter app by Health magazine this year. The app uses GPS to track your performance as you use the world’s ski resorts. It received a four-star rating on Google’s Play store and download is free of charge.

 App No. 3

The next app, which is locally developed, is Havashenas 3—an accurate weather map that gives users the latest details about the capital Tehran. The app does the usual, but gives you a closer Persian-language view of Tehran and also has a live tile on Android phones. The application is designed by Farhad Shirzad, a local app developer, and plugs into the government’s meteorological organization readings, giving locals the best details.

App No. 4

Another locally-created app, which has had over 5,000 downloads according to Café Bazaar, is TehranAir, an app that monitors pollution levels in the Iranian capital. The app, which plugs into government pollution monitoring systems, has been created to help those who suffer from pollution, albeit when it is not snowing.

 App No. 5

One serious issue through the winter months is heavy road traffic, which is the bane of most office workers in the Iranian capital. Tehran Official Traffic Map, also Persian in the language, offers the latest traffic data compiled by the government’s traffic monitoring system.  The app, according to the local Android store, has had 50,000+ downloads is the go-to place for understanding the best way to get around the capital.

 App No. 6

Following the traffic theme, Google Maps recently upgraded their service to highlight traffic density using mobile phones as their source.

However, when compared with the information provided by the Google Maps, the feature provided by Tehran’s Traffic Control Company shows that the information provided by Google is more precise than the Iranian source, according to Carnet.

Google’s traffic feature provides accurate data on transportation conditions across the country and can help people avoid congested areas.   


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