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Iran’s job seekers are now spoilt for choice, with several companies vying for online attention
IranTalent is the site for expatriate workers looking to work in Iran.IranTalent is the site for expatriate workers looking to work in Iran.
Unknown to the English-speaking community, has the most views of all job websites in Iran

As international companies return to Iran following the nuclear agreement and local companies look to expand their post-sanctions plans, several local job finding businesses are aiding renewed interest in the Islamic Republic.

The granddaddy of Internet job websites in Iran is created in 2003. The site was the first local company to help Iranians find employment, often with foreign companies working in the country at the time.

Views of the website peaked in 2010, with the Web Archive website noting that most interactions with the site were in the latter half of the 2000s.

In recent years, AgahJobs has fallen behind newer entrants and is now overlooked, as it has not updated its main page since its creation.

The website has dropped to the back of the line in recent years with only 679 views (65.69% decline month-on-month) to its site in the past month, according to SimilarWeb.

Direct hits account for its biggest proportion of traffic sources at 52.28%.

The second oldest site to offer jobs is The website is doing far better than and has had consistent traffic through the years while getting 297,000 hits in the past month, according to SW. IranTalent comes in the top 500 websites in the country and ranks 493rd.

The average amount of time spent on the site is over four minutes, which gives it a firm position, and people visit on average 7.63 pages per visit.

Iran is the number one country for visits at 80.76% of views with the US and UK IP addresses making the next 7% combined. India comes in at 1.49%.

Like the previous website, IranTalent receives 56.86% of its traffic by direct hits in the domain bar. Another 20% come from referrals with an additional 20% of views coming via search engines.

Unknown to the English-speaking community,, has the most views of all job websites in Iran. The Internet site was created in 2012 and has maintained a sturdy lead.

Traffic for blows all the other sites out of the water, with over 1.4 million hits a month. The average duration of people spending time on the site is three minutes and the average page views per visit are also three.

More than 90% of the website’s visits come from Iran, with the US and UK following in second and third place respectively with 4% and 1%.

Views on the site come from search, with 60% of the hits via Google, Bing and Yahoo, while direct hits take the next biggest chunk with 36.03%.

Another Persian-only site, is one of the newest to join the ranks of the growing agencies opening since sanctions were placed on the country.

The site has been only around since 2015 and has bitten into the market share of the incumbent leader, with 115,000 hits in the last month and a longer duration of five minutes. It also has an average visit of six pages.

Page viewers come from Iran, with over 70% of the views coming from Iranian IP addresses. The UK comes next with 11.33% of the views and is followed by the US with 7.87%.

Traffic to the website is mostly direct with 46.21% of the views coming from local people, but unlike its competitors, email is the second source of its traffic.

Much like its competitors, also appeared in June 2015. The site received 179,000 hits through September with a lower average view time of four minutes and a lesser three page views per visit.

Like all previous websites, a majority of hits come from Iran with the Islamic Republic making up 86.12% of the overall views. This is followed by the US and Turkey with 8.04% and 1.59% respectively.

The site has had a meteoric rise over the past year, going from 8,000 page views in May to 180,000 last month. Unlike its competitors, people are finding the site through search engines, with 49% of traffic heading to the website this way.

Another new entrant to the online job listings sector is that was created at the end of 2015, according to the Web Archive.

The website peaked at the beginning of 2016, but views dipped to a low 4,400 page views at the end of August, according to SW.

Average page duration comes out at five minutes with over five pages being viewed on average.

The site has the highest page views from Iran with more than 90%. The UK follows with 5% and surprisingly the Seychelles with another 4.20% of the website views.

A majority of the views come from direct hits at 45.67%, followed by 19.57% coming from direct mail.



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