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Mobile Apps for Car Owners

Iran’s car owners are getting tech savvy with new apps
Mobile Apps for Car Owners
Mobile Apps for Car Owners
By entering the serial number of an auto part or scanning its barcode, the companion app of SAIPA and IKCO enables customers to check the authenticity of the part before purchase

The tech industry is infiltrating all aspects of life, from WiFi-enabled weighing scales to remote access door bells to fend off thieves.

And now Iranian car owners are next in line to get the technological support.

Internet penetration has been growing year-on-year in Iran, as the number of Internet subscribers increases significantly in the last few years and smartphones become widely popular.

With Iranians keen on their vehicles, many automotive mobile applications have been released by the country’s major automotive players.

Companies like SAIPA Group and Iran Khodro Group (IKCO) offer companion applications while other developers have also started to cater to the needs of car owners.

  Auto Manufacturers

IKCO, Iran’s oldest and largest auto manufacturer, and SAIPA, the second major automotive company, are the first in the field to launch vehicle service applications for mobile devices running on Android (the most popular mobile software system in Iran).

Their example has been followed by companies like Atlas Khodro, the official representative of KIA Motors, and Negin Khodro, a representative of Renault in the Islamic Republic.

These apps are free to download from local Android app store Cafe Bazaar. They can be used for a number of vehicle-related services and have been developed to speed up the vehicle servicing process by spotting the use of contraband auto parts being installed in cars.

For instance, in the SAIPA and IKCO companion app, by entering the serial number of an auto part or scanning its barcode, the app enables customers to check the authenticity of the part before purchase.

Users can also access a broad range of auto services in their city as the apps include directories of all official repair centers, auto part retailers and legal representatives of the companies.

The apps also provide users with the latest news of each company’s prices and special offers.

Some of these applications also assist car owners in case of a breakdown. For example, drivers can tap the SOS button on the homepage of SAIPA’s companion app and the app will then pick up the driver’s location via GPS and send assistance.

The applications have been widely downloaded and on average received 3.5 stars from users in a five-star ranking system. They are also available for direct download from the official website of the companies.

  Personal Assistants

Whether you are struggling with minor mechanical problems or eager to get a grip on the technical nature of your vehicle, mobile applications have lots to offer.

Driving Road Rules Testing, Personal Mechanic, Legal Auto Adviser and Car Diagnostics are some of the topics you can find by searching Cafe Bazaar for automotive personal assistant apps.

These applications provide a wide range of services.

For instance, the app on Driving Road Rules contains over 800 frequently asked questions in the national driving license curriculum and is designed to prepare applicants for the official test.

Or Legal Auto Adviser enables users to check their traffic violation record and driving fines. The users also can pay the fines via the app.

Several Iranian news agencies have also released news apps and automotive papers, and websites were not immune to this.

Some of the best known names in this sector are Asre Khodro and Users can monitor Iran’s auto market, check the latest auto news and prices via these applications.