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INOTEX 2016 Underway

INOTEX 2016  Underway
INOTEX 2016  Underway

The Fifth International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2016) opened on May 22 with the participation of over 250 technology firms and a horde of tech buffs.

The inaugural ceremony of the event, which is underway at Tehran's International Fairground, was attended by several domestic and foreign officials, including Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari.

Ambassadors from Russia, Belarus and Greece were also present at the inauguration, ISNA reported.

Majid Najafian, the organizer and a key speaker at the opening ceremony, noted that one of the main approaches of INOTEX is to establish long-term partnerships and attract investments in the field of tech development.    

"INOTEX has developed through the years. This year, 82 tech firms from 14 countries have taken part, and Russia, Greece and Belarus have each set up specialized pavilions," he said.

Najafian added that 170 firms were invited to the exhibition, 91 of which are from Iran.

"One of the important side events is a conference on networking and innovations, in which 14 specialists from 12 countries will share their views," he said.

Other conferences have also been planned on promoting the exchange of technological knowhow in the areas of information and communications technology, biotechnology and energy.   

Iran-Silicon is another notable conference that intends to link Iranian specialists with foreign entrepreneurs, hosted in part by Iran's own tech town Pardis Technology Park.

"Nearly 100 Iranian knowledge-based firms are presenting their latest achievements related to IT, nanotechnology and electric vehicles. All these companies have managed to export their achievements," said Hamid Amirinia, the main organizer of this conference.

Sattari noted that Iran and foreign countries plan to jointly establish science and technology parks.

"In order to exchange technical knowhow between domestic and foreign companies, we should develop the necessary infrastructure," he said.

"The number of foreign companies attending this year's exhibition has doubled, but we should consider the fact that we do not seek to turn the country into a consumer market for foreign products."

Sattari stressed his commitment to the domestic market and called for preparing the ground for the export of science products.

  Strong Show by South Korea

South Korea showed that it is seriously  considering the Iranian market this year and their strong presence at INOTEX wowed locals.

Seoul this year set up an exclusive exhibition pavilion with several companies showing their latest technology and demonstrating their preparedness to sign contracts.

Over 80 South Korean companies working in electronics, laboratory equipment and other fields are also participating in the event.

In a meeting with South Korean envoy to Iran, Kim Seung-ho, Sattari expressed Iran's interest in expanding technological cooperation between the two sides, ISNA reported.

He hoped that South Korean participation in INOTEX could be a good start for initiating bilateral scientific, technology and industrial cooperation.

Sattari said Iran has one of the most diversified economies in the region.

“We have had considerable progress in science and technology. We possess the most modern ICT and nanotech companies that would provide South Korean companies with wonderful potential for cooperation," he said.

Sattari noted that Iran supports the establishment of joint R&D units with South Korea.

  From Russian Tech With Love

Russian companies are also displaying a large range of products at this year's event.

One of the participants at the exhibition is Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant that manufactures binoculars, according to Kremlin Press.

Exhibits from that company include dosimeter-radiometer for monitoring radiation as well as wide-angle binoculars and those with mechanical image stabilization system.

Andrey Rastorguev, CEO of the Russian company, said, "I have no doubts that my company's products will sell well in the Iranian market."

The exhibition closes on May 25.