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Indian App for Modi Visit

Indian App for Modi Visit
Indian App for Modi Visit

Upon the arrival of Indian Premier Narendra Modi in Iran on May 22, a new application from All India Radio's External Services Division will be launched in the Persian language.

The new application's software notes a significant uptick in relations between the two countries, which plays into the Indian premier's pro-interaction agenda with Asian countries.

All India Radio is also starting the WhatsApp-based forum for its Persian service where listeners from Iran can directly interact.

The division has been broadcasting to Iran in the Persian language since 1941 and it is one of the oldest services meant for external broadcast.

AIR's Persian service of late has been facing competition from other broadcasters that have launched Internet and cellphone-based services for Iran, mainly directed at the younger listeners, an official statement said.

The launch of Internet live streaming and mobile apps by the Persian service through a world class multimedia web platform——during the Indian premier’s recent visit to Tehran will go a long way not only to meet the challenges from other broadcasters but also help broaden AIR’s listeners base, it added.

At present, the Persian-language radio broadcast lasts 1 hour 45 minutes in two transmissions of 45 minutes and 1 hour in the morning and evening respectively. The broadcast is available via shortwave, according to The Hindu.

The programs lined up by the Persian service is reflective of the centuries-old bond that India shares with Iran in the fields of art, architecture, culture, literature and music, in addition to contemporary partnership being forged in the fields of trade, technology, pharmaceuticals and energy exploration, the statement said.

As Iranians increasingly go digital for listening to global news, the latest Indian app will likely build on prior services and attract a larger audience.

Currently, the app will be available through international download stores and not on Iran's indigenous Android download outlet such as Café Bazaar, which has become the de facto store for Iranian app downloads.

Unlike other foreign operators, Iranian authorities have cordial relations with the Indian broadcaster.

Indian and Persian music of various genres also form a major part of the content. The service is immensely popular among listeners and receives close to 1,000 letters per month, besides emails.