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Top 10 Android Apps in Iran

Top 10 Android Apps in Iran
Top 10 Android Apps in Iran

Telecommunications Company of Iran has listed the most popular free android apps being used by Iranians.

The company states that data have been collected from Google Play, the search giant's Android application store, local technology website ICTNA reported.       

With no surprises in first place is Iranians' most favorite free messaging app, Telegram. In January 2016, the Financial Tribune had reported that messaging service Telegram had become the most popular of all social media networks locally.

Of all the people registered on to at least one social media network, 71% are Telegram users; with 37.5% of the population above 18 years stating that they actively use Telegram.

A headcount of Iran's population in 2011 revealed that 54 million were 18 years and above. Referring to the same statistics, one can conclude that nearly 20 million Iranians of 18 years and above are members of Telegram.

As people under the age of 18 are also using the messaging application, this clearly implies that the total number of Telegram users in Iran is well over 20 million.

Second is the circumvention tool VPN-Hotspot Shield that allows users to change their IP address to a location outside the country and is mostly used to access other apps and websites such as Facebook and Twitter that are blocked by the government.    

In third and fourth places stand two more free messaging applications: WhatsApp and Imo respectively. WhatsApp's high quality free calls and Imo's video chats are likely reasons for their increasing popularity in Iran.     

Next up is an application named AndroDumper, which allows users to crack WiFi passwords and illegally use others' Internet.   

The sixth top free app downloaded by Iranian Android users is file-sharing app SHAREit which works the same way as the airdrop feature on iOS devices. In other words, it uses Bluetooth and allows for instant file transference between two devices.

Iranians' fascination with photos prevails, which explains the preference for the popular app Google Photos. Claiming to be "the home for all photos and videos", the app automatically organizes visual content and allows users to quickly search and find photos and videos stored on their phones.

Similar to SHAREit, the eighth ranking belongs to another file-sharing application named Zapya that calls itself the "fastest tool for cross-platform transferring". Zaypa users can transfer files from Androids, iPhones, iPads, Windows phones, PCs and Mac computers.  

Number nine on the list is 360 Security, an application that offers free security protection and supposedly boosts speed on Android phones. The application is used by 200 million users worldwide.

The list rounds up with Fast Charge and DU Battery Saver both in 10th place. Fast Charge boosts battery charging speed by 20-40% while DU Battery Saver makes batteries last longer, helping users get up to 50% more battery life on Android phones.