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Promoting Online Shopping

Promoting Online Shopping
Promoting Online Shopping

A  new type of software is being developed that will allow users to shop online using "credit cards", directly from the Iran Post Company's website, said the managing director of IPC this week.

The system will come into effect by the end of the current fiscal year (March 19), Mehr News Agency quoted Hossein Mehri as saying.

The official added that one of the major problems related to online sales is electronic payment, noting that winning the trust of customers regarding online payments is difficult for online businesses.

"The main goal behind creating this new system is to increase customers' trust, as the money paid will not be transferred to the online shop until the quality of the package is approved by IPC," he said.

"The company will be responsible for refunding the money if customers are not satisfied with the quality of the package they receive."    

Mehri assured customers that the shops, which have signed a contract with Iran Post Company, are trustworthy and customers will have their parcels monitored and delivered to them via the company.   

"We are working to improve the services as a measure for promoting online shopping," he said.

"The shops are also being advised to introduce special discount schemes so that online purchases could compete with shopping at physical stores."

The official noted that the company will not be responsible for the prices set by shops, but if a discount is offered, the business owners will have to provide them.

On the benefits of online sales, Mehri said prices will reduce as intermediaries are not involved in online sales.

"By extension, the more online shopping is promoted, the less traffic and air pollution will become in the long run," he said.

The official said online shops that would like to join the electronic sales service can refer to Iran Post Company's website and negotiate a deal, after having filled in the needed forms.

"Joining the system will not cost the shop-owners and IPC will only charge for parcel delivery in line with tariffs that are already in place," he said. Mehri stressed that Iran Post Company will primarily be in charge of gathering and distributing the parcels.

"When a parcel is delivered, it must be signed off by the customer who will also have to provide a valid ID card."

A similar system is already in place for offline distributors, where the company accepts the payment on delivery for the item and then forwards it on to the retailer.

If shops choose this method, they are expected to leave a post-dated check of 200 million rials with Iran Post Company as a means of securing future payments, thus removing the liability from the postal company.

"Currently, 98% of money transfers in Iran are done in cash, which is against the global trends. To promote electronic payments, the most important issue is to assure customers that online sales are safe and can be trusted," he said.

The IPC has incorporated the private sector for facilitating electronic marketing and sales.